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A NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage is the residential mortgage of the future.

“L-C-M-O” is the acronym for Life Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (LCMO®).

A NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage is a revolutionary mortgage product used to obtain an affordable (4.5% - 4.75% FIXED) conventional-styled (30 year amortized) residential mortgage in a very unique way.

A NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage is strategically and intentionally made-up of a combination of everyday, commonly used and consumer-trusted financial products; there is nothing new to learn or know.

A Life Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (LCMO®) is a trademarked and patented residential mortgage which is secured by:

  • (1.) Real Estate (such as a home), and
  • (2.) A Guarantee (such as a Life Insurance Policy)

A NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage does not require:

  • - Credit Scores
  • - Credit Checks
  • - Credit History
  • - Tax Returns
  • - Legal History
  • - Foreclose/Bankruptcy/Divorce History

NET LIFE Financial is unique because of its capability to provide mortgages without credit scores and credit history, specifically, by securing the mortgage with a guaranteed future promise to pay (a pre-paid life insurance policy purchased 100% by NET LIFE).  Until the creation of the NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage, lenders looked primarily at the applicants credit score and legal history; THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

FYI:  NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgages are not "mortgages with private mortgage insurance".  Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is an additional product required by lenders which reimburses the lender in case of a default. PMI places 100% of the burden on the borrower to maintain and pay the costly monthly premiums of PMI - on top of the mortgage payment.

Alternatively, with NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgages, it is quite the opposite.  NET LIFE pre-pays (100%) of the life insurance required for the LCMO® Mortgage with no added cost to the borrower. In the event of a default of the mortgage, NET LIFE only considers:  (1.) the value of the home, and (2.) the future guaranteed payout of the life insurance policy. Because the life insurance is already in place and pre-paid, it will perform exactly as originally and purposely intended: to secure and safeguard the future performance of the LCMO® mortgage over the life of the mortgage while not having to legally pursue the borrower(s) or their credit, assets or income for repayment.

Additionally, in the case of a default of a NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage, NET LIFE will hold the defaulted mortgage and the collateral over the life of the LCMO® mortgage until the life insurance eventually pays it off; this could mean more than 30 years. Nevertheless, the LCMO® Mortgage remains in-place and remains secured as every NET LIFE LCMO® MORTGAGE is 150% collateralized (by the Property (50%) and by the pre-paid life insurance(100%)).

For Investors, this means the purchase of a NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage can never default (P & I 100% secured) and will never affect or effect the housing, mortgage, banking or public market industries - ever again.

RENTERS BECOME BUYERS:  Renter can now become a homeowner with a NET LIFE LCMO® Mortgage.  Look at how much money you will be saving over the years: RENT vs BUY Calculator by




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