NET FAMILY-NET LIFE® Program:  Details and eApplication Coming Soon.


->  “NET FAMILY”: - to provide, be with, and share the most that you can for your Family and Children; essentially, to “Get the Most Out of Family”.

->  “NET LIFE”: - to “Get the Most Out of Life”.


The NET FAMILY – NET LIFE Programs have two (2) specified audiences:

  1. The Jump Start Program: For those who are seeking to permanently change their environment for themselves, their Family and their future before things get bad or worse, and
  2. The Second Chance Program: For those who have already endured more than any Family should and need a second chance at starting over to permanently avoid the past from being repeating.


- In a Nutshell -

NET LIFE Financial is a Private Equity Fund made-up of seasoned professional individuals who recognize, above all: Family Comes First.  It is for this reason they have created the “NET FAMILY - NET LIFE Programs” in conjunction with the NET LIFE LCMO Residential Mortgage Products; because goals are reached and success is obtained from a solid foundation, such as, a stable home environment and a strong Family unit.

NET LIFE Financial is introducing its NET FAMILY - NET LIFE Programs which are uniquely designed to allow Families to “pick-up and move” from one location (ie: a gang-violent neighborhood) to a new and more Family friendly suitable location.  Thus, providing a new environment and a fresh-start for both the Parents and the Children.  As Families move-out of crime-infested neighborhoods, the old neighborhoods will dissolve of the masses and eventually clean-up.  NET LIFE Financial and the NET FAMILY - NET LIFE Programs will also be there to revitalize and rejuvenate the neighborhood under the NET FAMILY - NET LIFE Programs once again.

There are two (2) NET FAMILY - NET LIFE Programs and they are specifically designated for Families with Children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age:

  1. The Jump Start Program
  2. The Second Chance Program

The Jump Start Program: is for Families who may be, may have been or never have been homeowners, however, find that they are not in a neighborhood or environment suitable for their Children and Family.  Living in fear and extreme peer and social pressure is not conducive in reaching or maximize opportunities or their true potential.  Through the Jump Start Program, NET LIFE Financial will utilize various options, such as but not limited to, providing new mortgages and/or purchase existing homes and relocating Families to cleaner, better, safer and more encouraging environments.

The Second Chance Program: is for Families who may have already seen the toughest of times.  These Families have had no other option other than to stay where they are because they cannot afford to relocate their Family away from the environment that has consistently harmed them.  Unfortunately, statistics show that a great deal of crimes committed in the USA are by juveniles, which means, there are Parents trying their best for their Children but simply need a BOOST and a second chance.  The Second Chance Program is specifically designed to provide and promote a consistent, safe and stable environment suitable for proper social and economic growth and development of the Family unit.  It will also provide Families the ability to perform above and beyond without leaning on government subsidies.  Overall, the objectives of the Second Chance Program are:

- To enhance/change a Family’s environment

- To provide new opportunities and a better way of life

- To keep Families together and hold each member accountable

- To set an example for future generations

Because both of these programs will be subsidized by NET LIFE Financial, a standardized set of guidelines will be provided for which Families must mutually abide.



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