I started in the mortgage / banking industry in 1978 and became a commercial banker in 1984. Since then I have seen a tremendous amount of change in the industry.  It was not until I came across NET Life Financial did I realize the answers to our industry problems were right in front of our faces only poorly packaged. Great job NET LIFE! You are going to change the markets forever.

C. John McNulty, New York, NY, Director of Bank Operations

It does not take a genius to figure out that the LCMO mortgage product:  is GENIUS. What more could we ask for?  It uses everything we already know and trust and that has worked for years. NET LIFE only packages it in a different way that creates an end product for the consumer and a p&I secured investment for the markets.  GENIUS!

Timothy Grosh, Atlanta, GA, Mortgage Consultant

Thank you NET LIFE FINANCIAL for finally coming to the market!!! It feels like we have been waiting forever.  Now: if you can get ALL of your products available we would all be very very happy and very appreciative.  We need them all as perhaps many other Americans do.


Ted and Maria C., Oakland, CA