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The Basic Difference Between "M" and "D":

-  “M” is for “MORTGAGE”...

-  “D” is for “DEBT”...

LCMO® "M" Basics:
  • An LCMO® is a Residential Mortgage Product
  • It is a 30 Year Amortized Mortgage Fixed at 4.5%
  • From Application to Closing = 15 Days Average
  • Credit Score or Legal History is NOT a Factor
  • There are NO Down Payment Requirements
  • Easy Online NET LIFE eApplication Process
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LCDO® "D" Basics:
  • An LCDO® is a Commercial Finance Product
  • Can be used for Short or Long Term Purposes
  • An LCDO® can be used with Various Types of Assets
  • Developer, Mfg., Tech., Const., & Other Programs
  • Application Process Time Varies by Complexity
  • Industry Standard Underwriting Costs may Apply
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